An insulated pint for your pint. Pour in, chill out.


Very cool. Both figuratively and literally.

C Shepherd, Amazon


The Chilliozie is awesome! My drink stays cold to the very end of it !!!

Tami G on Amazon


Although this looks like a standard steel beer tumbler, it is really much more.

Honey, Amazon Customer

Your craft beverage companion

Powerful insulation for both hot and cold

Pint-Loc: Put your glass in it

Built-in coaster so you can set ‘er down gently.

Respect the drink

Respecting the time that goes into a well-made drink
by giving you more time to enjoy it at its best.

Designed to enhance the drinking experience

From its head down to, every aspect of the Chilloozie was developed specifically to bring the best out of your drink so you can make the most of the time drinking it.

Level-up your drinking experience

Maximum insulation for whatever you may be sippin' on.

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