Our Story

Respecting the craft that goes into a well-made drink,
by giving you the time to enjoy it at its best.



Life is best served chilled

A very smart philosopher (we think) once said that the best things in life take time, and we couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s that first sip of a delicious craft beer, catching a sunset with friends, or relaxing by the lake — we believe that the time you spend enjoying your favorite drink is just as important as the drink itself. That’s why our mission at Chilloozie is to create products that help you slow down and relax, so you can focus on enjoying every bit of this chilled drink we call life. #staychill



Elevating the drink. Respecting your tastebuds.

We respect the time and craft that goes into a well-made drink, and we make products that do the same — whether it’s be a beer, cocktail, or your french-press coffee.

Like a magician assistant, our products are specifically designed to bring out your drink’s best show. That way the first taste hits your lips is just as delicious as the last—and you’re left wondering how it all happened (sequins and tigers not included).



Portland, Oregon and the community that started it all.

What started as a few friends sitting in the shallows of an Oregon river, grudgingly choking down warm beer has since grown into a burgeoning company with a passion for products that bring great people and well-crafted drinks together.

Our first product, the Chilloozie, started as an idea from those early days and became a reality through one amazing Kickstarter campaign and the hundreds of people who supported us from the very beginning. We can’t thank you enough and a big cheers to you.



The Sloth

Nobody enjoys the slow life more than than our Mascot, Sloe. Never out of his element or to be found in a rush, Sloe is the #1 chief of chill and our guiding spirit animal.